1.) I’m Shelly, nice to meet you.

2.) I am the mommy of awesome kids.

3.) I was an Army brat growing up. My family is a military family. My dad was in the Army for twenty-one years, both brothers have been and one is still in the Army, and my cousin just came home from Afghanistan. Both grandpa’s and other family members have also been in. I studied Spanish and want to be a TESOL teacher in Spain.

4.) While living in Germany, my dad was asked to move a couch. He moved the couch and an old camera fell out and the he was told to keep it. When he got the photos developed, they were of Hitler. He was told that they were probably taken by his personal photographer because of how close they are to him and the events that were photographed.

5.) Before having Ryan, I worked for a dermatologist for over four years. I loved it but am even happier to be a stay at home mom. After Ryan was born, I spent some time doing blog design over at Happy Housewife Designs. I stopped because I wanted to spend more time with Ryan before he began school. That was one of my best decisions ever.

6.) Besides blogging I also love teaching, Spanish, running, scrapbooking, writing, reading, and watching football. Go Texans!

7.) I REALLY love sports. I love it all too. Football, Swimming, Baseball, Gymnastics, Track and Field. The only ones I don’t watch are soccer, tennis, and golf.

8.) I have an obsession with Orange Kool-aid. I always have a pitcher of it in my fridge and drink it all the time. I love it.

9.) We swim a lot. Like three to four times a week. We have a big water park that we have season passes to and its a blast. Usually, you can’t do everything in it in one day. We also have a neighborhood pool that we go to.

10.) I take a lot of pictures. I take at least 100 a month. I have them uploaded and organized by year and month.

11.) My personality is a lot like Monica’s on Friends. I am competitive, bossy, OCD with cleaning, instructive, and (sometimes) over-reactive.

12.) My favorite movies are Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Tangled, Horrible Bosses, Freaky Friday, Office Space, Something Borrowed, and Friends with Benefits.

13.) I don’t like things that fly (except airplanes). I don’t mind bugs but if they fly I freak out.

14.) I am an overprotective mom. I am working on that but when I’ll get my TESOL job in Spain, I think I’ll get over that more quickly.

15.) I have had anxiety since I was nineteen years old. I don’t deal with it much anymore unless Joe travels or I have to go to the dentist. But it’s been a rough road…

16.) I absolutely treasure being married. I love that we have been married for seven years and are still going strong. It frustrates me when people say that they are married when they are not. Joe and I lived together before we were married and to me, it was more awesome once we were married. It wasn’t “just a piece of paper”. He loves the idea of moving to Spain.