The official language for Spain is Spanish. However, Spanish has become very popular in more than 40 other countries outside of Spain. In the United States, Spanish is widely spoken and is ranked second to English. It has been a very popular choice as a foreign language subject in schools and Universities. In addition, it is also being used in Pacific Asia and Africa to some extent.

Spanish started in Northern Spain as a Latin dialect and today, there are some 400 million native Spanish speakers across the globe. Ranking spoken languages by a count of native speakers, Spanish is ranked second in the world.

On a global scale, Spanish is also being widely used in areas such as TV, film, literature, and music. It is one of the 6 official languages at the United Nation.

Communication between speakers of Italian and Spanish is quite easy due to many similarities between the languages. Moreover, Spanish and Portuguese have many similarities in their vocabulary and grammar, due to Arabic influences and the fact that they’re both “Roman Languages”.

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This is a small overview of the most popular Spanish courses. The listed courses are pretty good and student-friendly. This is a great time for learning foreign languages. The quality of the learning material has improved quite dramatically over the years, prices are generally very reasonable, and the nasty no-pain-no-gain approach to language learning is long gone.

Over time, some Spanish courses that were once popular have now disappeared from the radar, while others have turned out to be much more successful than I had imagined.

Here are the top 5 Spanish courses currently on the market. They all have their own learning approach and emphasize different aspects of the language. I have written reviews for all of them and linked to the free lessons they offer.

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It is estimated that 89% of the Spanish speaking population lives on the American Continent. This represents Hispanics whose first language is Spanish and that speak Spanish exclusively. This does not include those who speak Spanish as a second language. In fact, the United States is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world with 61.8 million Spanish speakers, second only to Mexico with 114.5 million, and followed by Spain with 48.4 million.

If one includes Colombia, these four countries represent over 50% of all Spanish speakers in the world. Spanish is: One of the easiest languages to learn; one of the most widely spoken languages in the world; is the second language most widely used in international communication; One of the official languages of the United Nations and its organizations; useful in creating a wide range of opportunities.

I quite often stumble on a great article on learning Spanish that genuinely draws my interest. The ensuing blog post on the subject of the said subject most definitely meets that description. It really does a really good job of outlining how to learn Spanish and I believe that you’ll also find it completely beneficial just as I did.

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We have heard it spoken in movies and on television. We may have even seen people speaking it publicly. But most of us did not understand what was being said. Some of us can understand a little of it, but not much else. I’m referring of course to Spanish.

There are more Spanish speaking people in America today than there were several years ago. More than likely a large percentage of our populace will be Spanish speaking within the next decade. How do we prepare for what is yet to come? Spanish is a language we must learn.

In this era of internet, there is no need to search for a traditional class to learn Spanish easily. The language can be mastered from the comfort zone of one’s own abode through any Spanish online course, the way most of the subjects can be mastered today.

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As we try to provide some top quality advice concerning Learning Spanish in our posts, we quite often stumble on a post that really draws our attention. The following posting about the said subject absolutely meets that description. It does a pretty good job detailing how to learn Spanish and we think you will find it completely useful just as we did.

I don’t know about finding EVERYTHING for free, but where learning a language is concerned; with a large portion of perseverance and another of dedication you can pretty much dig up enough free information to study practically any language. ( Valencian being an exception, as I have recently found out.)

Take Spanish for example; if you are looking for a free, learn Spanish online course; you will indeed find quite a few, pretty quickly too I hasten to add. But if you are looking to gain a good level of Spanish fluency on the back of these free courses you would be sorely misguided.

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People who speak both English and Spanish have quite a few advantages these days. Many jobs require that the successful candidate is bilingual and as neighborhoods diversify even further than ever before being able to speak Spanish can open up a great many neighborhood friendships as well.

There are lots of aids out there to help you teach yourself Spanish. Books, DVDs, computer software programs, you can even learn to speak Spanish online. No one method works for everyone, as everyone tends to learn in a slightly different way. There are some things that can help you progress faster when trying to teach yourself Spanish whatever method you are using. Here are some of the best of them:

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The best way to learn Spanish, if you didn’t happen to grow up in a Spanish speaking household, is to learn the basics of the language either through a course at your local adult education center/community college or to buy a Spanish language course online or at your local bookstore.  Once you have digested this initial information it’s time to begin immersing yourself in all things Spanish language.

Scholars have learned that the best way to learn Spanish, or any other language for that matter, is full immersion for an extended period of time.  This can mean living in a Spanish speaking country or studying abroad for a number of months.  It becomes a sink or swim type situation where you are forced to pick up the language just to function in society.

For those of us not able to just pick up and move our lives completely, full immersion will be nearly impossible.  That does not mean that you can’t surround yourself with Spanish as often as possible in your quest to learn to speak Spanish.  You can easily keep the Univision or Telemundo television stations on in your house and you can enlist any Spanish speaking friends or neighbors to help teach you the language.  Just being around Spanish speaking people will prove an invaluable tool to help you pick up the language.

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Picture yourself as a reader. You relax in a comfortable chair for a few moments with a magazine, perhaps the latest National Geographic. As you thumb through the pages, you encounter an article that describes the excavation of the ancient city of Ashkelon.

The title page captures your attention: historic figures such as Samson, Goliath, Herod, Alexander the Great, and Richard the Lion-Hearted may have once walked the streets of this forgotten city.

Immediately your mind begins to make associations as to what you remember about each of these people-Biblical characters, a Greek conqueror, an English Crusader. Although you have never heard of Ashkelon, you begin to place it both historically and geographically.

This is the way how Bestgedclasses preparation teaches their students to become proficient readers. When students are able to connect ideas within and between sentences, they learn faster and remember more. Skilled reading requires the mastery, integration, and application of numerous skills and knowledge. It requires some work but benefits are absolutely essential to education.

You predict that the excavation is taking place somewhere in the Middle East, and as you read on, a map showing the location of the site on the Mediterranean coast of Israel confirms your prediction.

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I have been writing a short series on key leadership skills required by Leaders.

These lessons are based on the book, Leadership Lessons From Star Trek The Next Generation, Wess Roberts Ph. D and Bill Ross. This lesson is about the importance of competence and how when it is fostered in your team members it becomes a ‘force multiplier’.

This is more so in MLM and network marketing where the quicker you can get each team member to be competent the more money you and they make.

The mistake so many Sponsors make is to recruit, recruit, recruit without stopping to ensure each person they have brought into their opportunity is competent. Just because you picked things up quickly does not mean they will do the same. I am not saying you have to personally train them but you should know enough about them to be able to point them to a personal development resource that will develop their weaknesses.

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Your appearance and overall presentation is what drives people’s first impression of you. But it’s your performance that creates the lasting impression. This is important because the lasting impression that you leave could be your conduit to new opportunities.

Last Thursday I concluded my service with my biggest client that I’ve been working with for the past two years. This past Monday I started a new assignment with a new client.

Do you know this quote:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

So, on the day I left my previous job, I received a number of emails from my peers congratulating me for my new opportunity….Most of my peers appreciated my contributions to the team. I’m 99% positive that I will cross paths with many of them in the future by way of opportunity referrals.

I left a lasting impression. And it wasn’t by accident…it was by design.

It’s Really Not that Hard

I learned early that a good portion of people work really hard at figuring out the minimum amount of work that they can do to get by. There’s a high interest in flying under the radar. Some folks are fine with being average and blending within mediocrity. They don’t care about progression…they just want to keep what they have; nothing more, nothing less. And to top it off, negative-talk normally floods the office.Read More →