I have been writing a short series on key leadership skills required by Leaders.

These lessons are based on the book, Leadership Lessons From Star Trek The Next Generation, Wess Roberts Ph. D and Bill Ross. This lesson is about the importance of competence and how when it is fostered in your team members it becomes a ‘force multiplier’.

This is more so in MLM and network marketing where the quicker you can get each team member to be competent the more money you and they make.

The mistake so many Sponsors make is to recruit, recruit, recruit without stopping to ensure each person they have brought into their opportunity is competent. Just because you picked things up quickly does not mean they will do the same. I am not saying you have to personally train them but you should know enough about them to be able to point them to a personal development resource that will develop their weaknesses.

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The story of the black pearl

With the outbreak of WW II, James Assael, an Italian diamond dealer, left Europe for Cuba. He made a good living supplying the US Army with good quality watches because he could source the diamonds from Switzerland.

At the end of the war, the US Army no longer had the same demand for watches, so Assael found himself with a stockpile of watches. Japan wanted watches, however, had no money, so they bartered with pearls which they had by the thousand.

Eventually, Assael became known as the “pearl king”. He met someone who had purchased an atoll where the Oysters produced black pearls.

This person had tried to sell them but said there was no market. Assael waited a year until some better specimens came along and contacted Harry Winston the famous gemstone dealer.

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After seven years of working at the same company and for the same boss, I’m going in to work tomorrow and will give them an ultimatum.

When I joined this company in 2010, I was a single woman with lofty goals and great ambition. I worked very hard and got several promotions within the first few years. It was the right fit for me. My boss and I saw things the same way.

We were always ready to forge ahead with any challenge and conquer any obstacle. And it was fun and exciting.

Since I joined, I’ve gotten married and had two children. With my first child, I went back part-time because I didn’t want to be away from my baby the entire week.

With my second child, I also went back part time and it all worked out pretty well. As time went on, I didn’t seem to be as happy or as driven as I was before and my ambitions were more about my family than about my work.

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In business, as in algebra, certain formulas apply. An old reliable in the world of commerce is that when revenue gets tight and forecasts become grim, the cost-cutting ax is unsheathed, sharpened, and poised to swing. The first cut usually lands on the neck of the marketing department, which has its budget cleaved in the course of an unpleasant afternoon.

But that may not be such a good strategy. A study recently conducted by Getzler & Co., a New York-based corporate turnaround firm, indicates that most organizations experiencing a cash flow pinch are better off reducing operating costs than trimming back on sales and marketing expenditures.

The study evaluated the costs incurred by 190 struggling tech companies during the second and third quarters of last year. Faced with tough times, 46 cut their marketing budgets and 25 slashed operations. The surprising result: Firms that scaled back their marketing budgets saw losses more than double during the period, while companies that reduced operating costs maintained a constant rate of loss.

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When I got into the business of digital marketing back in 2004, one of the Web’s promises to advertisers was that it could target messages to consumers in ways that television, radio, and print never could.

I was never impressed with the way large advertisers used mass media to go after certain audience demographics without regard for context. The Web offered me a unique opportunity to show advertisers not only how to reach the right people, but how to reach them in the right place and at the right time.

A Mass Medium it Ain’t

Throughout my career as an online media planner, I’ve most admired the campaigns that have that magical combination of reaching the right people in the right place in the most appropriate manner. Yet as I surf the Web seventeen years after it has become a commercial medium, I find myself exposed to advertising messages that are irrelevant to my surfing habits and state of mind. This shows me that advertisers still don’t understand the Web’s unique targetability.

Why aren’t online advertisers taking advantage of the one-to-one marketing principles we’ve heard so much about over the past few years?

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Josh’s Experience

This was the first Coursera course I ever enrolled in, and I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my last assignment.  If you are looking for something inspiring and informative, I implore you to check this class out.

Instructed by James V. Green and hosted by the University of Maryland College Park, Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies was filmed directly in a classroom, giving this course a more casual feel, as you can see the interaction between the students and professor Green.

I will warn you in advance, the lectures are lengthy.  The quizzes are NOT multiple choice, but involve a degree of essay writing.  Still, after finishing each weeks’ assignments, I feel like I want to go out and light myself on fire because I’m burning up with so many new ideas about how to not only improve my own business but also how I can expand in the future.

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Whether you are blogging for fun, for profit, or a combination of the two, the main focus of success in the blogging world is increasing committed readership.

Even the best content creators need help bringing their pieces to the attention of their readers.

Thankfully, there are many strategies that work wonders for marketing your content to your target audience.


Whether we like it or not, there is a certain style that works best for writing online. Though in analog form, we can be far more dense, creative, and nontraditional with how we present our ideas, texts online should be condensed, clear, and concise to help readers digest the material with greater ease.

Many writers who feel that their work is intelligent, complex, and creative struggle by refusing to adjust their technique for an online audience.

Adopt shorter paragraphs, clear sentence structure, bullet points, and numbered lists in order to facilitate the reading process for your followers.


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So you’re happily tweeting away on twitter and pinning to your heart’s content on Pinterest but are people talking to YOU and taking notice of your branding?  Making sure you have a suitable profile picture may seem like a very basic requirement when engaging online but SO many people get this WRONG!!!!

When people are engaging with you and your brand they need to be able to put a face to a name, especially when engaging with your personal profiles on Linked In and Twitter.

A good quality headshot is all you need, preferably with a nice smile! Your lovely smiling face will subconsciously build trust in the eyes of the user as they can actually see a real person that is responding to their comments.

If you are engaging using your brand identity, with more than one user on the account, keeping to a clear concise brand logo will be your best option in this scenario.  But DON’T try and squeeze your logo into the square display image!

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” We’re educated far above the level of our performance. ” This says I have adapted those wise for me. In that spirit, I would like us to a very important concept for anyone in a leadership position.

Curiosity can be defined as: the desire to learn or know about anything;

Curiosity. Like children, great people have an innate desire to learn from their environment. Hunger is encouraging them to ask questions and to explore how all this new information affects their lives.

In Clarity: Focusing on What Matters, week 26 is all about how our character is formed by curiosity. Not only is it a trait, but curiosity is an emotion, and it is driven by emotion, you will be guided to explore, investigate and learn.

That explains why people who live their emotions and turning their heads from their natural curiosity and manage to find the facts. The left side of the brain to set goals. The right side comes up with a creative answer. Did you know that the best leaders and problem solvers are those who exercise regularly to be curious?Read More →

High school was a difficult experience. I initially had a large group of friends and would hang out after school with them at a nearby pizza place. I wanted to be social but never enjoyed the large social interactions.

I felt that I should have, but didn’t. I wanted to be able to hang out with lots of people and join in on large conversations but couldn’t. It took me a while to learn that there was nothing wrong with me- I was just an introvert.

It pays off to learn about yourself and find out what works. When I took a personality career quiz and then color test on my fave website,  a lot of things became clear. There’s the unfortunate misconception out there that being an introvert means that one is anti-social, a recluse, and shy.

When I recently told a friend that I’m an introvert, he replied, “No you’re not. You’re social. You talk to people.” Being an introvert is not the same as having a shy or withdrawn personality.

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