So you’re happily tweeting away on twitter and pinning to your heart’s content on Pinterest but are people talking to YOU and taking notice of your branding?  Making sure you have a suitable profile picture may seem like a very basic requirement when engaging online but SO many people get this WRONG!!!!

When people are engaging with you and your brand they need to be able to put a face to a name, especially when engaging with your personal profiles on Linked In and Twitter.

A good quality headshot is all you need, preferably with a nice smile! Your lovely smiling face will subconsciously build trust in the eyes of the user as they can actually see a real person that is responding to their comments.

If you are engaging using your brand identity, with more than one user on the account, keeping to a clear concise brand logo will be your best option in this scenario.  But DON’T try and squeeze your logo into the square display image!

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” We’re educated far above the level of our performance. ” This says I have adapted those wise for me. In that spirit, I would like us to a very important concept for anyone in a leadership position.

Curiosity can be defined as: the desire to learn or know about anything;

Curiosity. Like children, great people have an innate desire to learn from their environment. Hunger is encouraging them to ask questions and to explore how all this new information affects their lives.

In Clarity: Focusing on What Matters, week 26 is all about how our character is formed by curiosity. Not only is it a trait, but curiosity is an emotion, and it is driven by emotion, you will be guided to explore, investigate and learn.

That explains why people who live their emotions and turning their heads from their natural curiosity and manage to find the facts. The left side of the brain to set goals. The right side comes up with a creative answer. Did you know that the best leaders and problem solvers are those who exercise regularly to be curious?Read More →

High school was a difficult experience. I initially had a large group of friends and would hang out after school with them at a nearby pizza place. I wanted to be social but never enjoyed the large social interactions.

I felt that I should have, but didn’t. I wanted to be able to hang out with lots of people and join in on large conversations but couldn’t. It took me a while to learn that there was nothing wrong with me- I was just an introvert.

It pays off to learn about yourself and find out what works. When I took a personality career quiz and then a color test on my fave website,  a lot of things became clear. There’s the unfortunate misconception out there that being an introvert means that one is anti-social, a recluse, and shy.

When I recently told a friend that I’m an introvert, he replied, “No you’re not. You’re social. You talk to people.” Being an introvert is not the same as having a shy or withdrawn personality.

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You’ve heard of beauty boxes, right? Those little boxes you receive in the post every month with beauty samples in. Those little boxes cost $10/month. I’m game. And I received my first one last week.

There are loads of different boxes you can get, but I opted for the GlossyBox but only because it was the first one I came across! Now… I’ve opted in for most of them. Before I go on, I’m all-American. So I’ve made sure I can give anyone across the pond an example – that’ll be the Birch Box.

Onto my box…


  1. HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette
  2. Mary Greenwell Plum Eau de Parfum
  3. L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil
  4. StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate
  5. Nuxe HuileProdigieuse® / HuileProdigieuse Or®

I’ve not tried the HD Brows kit yet because, well, I’m not a fan of powdered eyebrow things. I’m more of an eyebrow pencil kinda gal. But as eyeshadow, I can definitely see it being a great little product.

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Eight eager foreign students from the New School arrived in Pune, wide-eyed yet uncertain about what we were there to see. The decision to take the trip came after a week of site visits with slum communities in Mumbai who work with the National Slum Dwellers Federation (the Federation) on savings, sanitation, and relocation.

While meeting with Jockin Arputham, he emphatically told us that “everything began in Pune; you cannot start your work here until you see Pune.”

The four of us are documenting the informal mechanisms by which knowledge is transferred from current Federation community leaders in Mumbai to younger generations.

Our goal in Pune, aside from understanding its importance within the Federation, was to sneak in a couple of questions about knowledge transfer during our whirlwind 36-hour stay.

The organization’s process of knowledge transfer has many layers. The leaders formulate the enumeration survey questions by spending time in communities and reflecting on their own experiences: “We live in slums; these are the questions we come across in our daily lives.”

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I’ve driven an automatic vehicle three times in my life, one of them was today. I sat in the driver’s seat and took a few moments to look at the levers and remembering how they worked. When I was a farmer, in another life, I bought a one-ton truck to take my lambs to market and bring home one-ton bags of barley.

The first time I drove it I spent at least ten minutes trying to get the key out of the ignition before realizing I had to put it in park. Today, after momentarily panicking when I couldn’t find the clutch, I managed to back it out of my employer’s driveway and drive off. I had to keep reminding myself there were no gears and it was OK to keep my foot on the accelerator although I still felt a flutter of dread in my stomach every time I drove up to a stop sign or red light.

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Wow. Can I just exclaim how crazy things have been lately? But not in a bad way or anything. Things are just falling into place. And I like it. As you already know, I move on to my new studio apartment (that will have a renovated bathroom and new kitchen ceiling tiles — woot!).

I have decided to go ahead and go with John to Traverse City as planned the first week of  September as well. Because I think it’s the last hurrah that we both need. Or something like that.

The subject of me moving has been a very sensitive subject for the two of us and we don’t talk about it much…But he’d have to be completely blind to not notice that I’ve been making preparations for said move.

I bought a giant area rug for the main living/bedroom. In sage green.  My bedding is pink and sage green. Totally cute. Anyway….
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