Popular Spanish learning courses

This is a small overview of the most popular Spanish learning courses. The listed courses are pretty good and student-friendly. This is a great time for learning foreign languages. The quality of the learning material has improved quite dramatically over the years, prices are generally very reasonable, and the nasty no-pain-no-gain approach to language learning is long gone.

Over time, some Spanish courses that were once popular have now disappeared from the radar, while others have turned out to be much more successful than I had imagined.

Here are the top 5 Spanish courses currently on the market. They all have their own learning approach and emphasize different aspects of the language. I have written reviews for all of them and linked to the free lessons they offer.

Visual Link Spanish
This is without question the top 1 Spanish language course and has been so for many years. Its friendly approach to language learning and the fact that it comes on cd-rom and cd make it a highly attractive course. See also this post about FREE online Spanish courses.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy
This Spanish audio course is very popular with commuters and those who don’t have the time to sit in front of the computer or a book. It focuses on conversation, and it’s fun and engaging. Isn’t it great that nowadays, there are so many good-quality online courses that you can use to learn Spanish in no time!

Rosetta Stone Spanish
This bestselling series of Spanish courses covers all levels, from beginners to advanced. It comes not only on cd-rom, but also on mp3, and it has recently introduced an app. This Spanish course puts the emphasis on speaking and understanding, and it has some powerful pronunciation software to help you improve your accent. The course is full of tips and tricks to teach yourself Spanish successfully.

Rocket Spanish
This popular Spanish course also comes on cd-rom and cd. It covers the grammar thoroughly, and it includes 31 culture lessons. Rocket Spanish focuses not only on listening and speaking but also on reading and writing. Almost 90% of all Spanish speaking people are living on the American Continent and this includes Latinos who speak Spanish as their first language. You can learn more about Rocket Spanish here.

This is a fairly new Spanish course, but one that has quickly earned its place at the very top. Verbarrator is a Spanish verb course that covers 550 verbs in all tenses, with audio recordings, drills and verb phrases. It’s flexible, intuitive, fun and motivating, and it works. There are, of course, many ways to teach yourself Spanish, but if you want to do so within one month, check out this article.

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